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WHo We are

We, the members and friends of North Bethesda United Methodist Church (NBUMC), believe that each person is of sacred worth.

In response to Jesus Christ’s radical teaching of hospitality towards all,

we welcome and affirm ALL people.


 NBUMC is a growing, service-oriented faith community, practicing Christ’s teaching and living by his example.


We nurture our faith community and connect with others as a reflection of Christ in our lives. 


We will:

Nurture our faith community

  • Grow faith and spiritual lives through worship and study

  • Extend God’s unconditional love and acceptance to all

  • Build multi-generational ministries that combine the experience and wisdom of age with the energy and wonder of youth

  • Listen to, learn from and encourage one another by responding meaningfully to expressions of interest or concern

Connect with others as a reflection of Christ in our lives

  • Invite others to participate in our community through service and enrichment programs

  • Engage and mentor our youth in their faith journey

  • Address the needs and interests of neighboring families to include them in our caring ministry

  • Dedicate substantial support and resources to local and global missions


Our BELIEFS are conscious convictions that we share as a faith community.​

  • We believe that God’s grace is freely available to all

  • We believe in the sustaining power of God’s love and our responsibility to extend that love to our neighbors and the world

  • We believe in “Open Hearts.  Open Minds.  Open Doors.” and the unconditional acceptance of all in God’s family

  • We believe in and are committed to faith in God, service to others, and respect for all


Our VALUES are shared attributes and attitudes at the core of all that we do.

  • We value and cherish the diversity of our congregation and our community

  • We value the life-changing experiences our faith provides us

  • We encourage Christian education and spiritual development

  • We intentionally share the experience of our community in a way that others would want to become involved

  • We strive to serve others, do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God

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