The NBUMC Library

The church library committee develops and maintains a collection of books and DVDs which are available to members for use in their spiritual journeys, as well as for their reading pleasure. 
The Collection
The adult collection features the Bible (including various translations and interpretations); Bible commentaries and study aids; church history; Christian life and development; devotionals; church administration; missions; Methodist beliefs and history; other denominations and religions; psychology and social sciences; biography.  A small fiction collection reflects spiritual subjects and themes. The Library Committee is open to suggestions for additions, which will be considered in line with the collection policy
Benedict Parlor:  The NBUMC adult collections, including fiction, non-fiction, large-type, DVDs and reference books, are shelved in the Benedict Parlor.
Book Nook:  The children’s collection is located downstairs in the “Book Nook,” adjacent to the Sunday School hallway. Use the stairs opposite the entrance to Johnson Hall. The collection includes “easy readers”, and juvenile fiction and non-fiction.
Archives:  Sets of the UMC Book of Discipline and Book of Worship, Baltimore-Washington­­­­­­­­ Conference Proceedings, and directories are located downstairs in Room 14. Use the stairs opposite Benedict Parlor.
How to Find Books:
In the libraries
Card catalogs are located in index drawers in both libraries.  Look under author, title, or subject to find the call number of the book, used for locating the book on the shelf.  Non-fiction books are arranged by Dewey Decimal call numbers to group them by subject.  Many of the books will have a number in the 200 (Religion) series, for example, 220 for Bible, 232 for Jesus Christ, 287 for Methodism.  Fiction is arranged by the first two letters of the author’s last name.  Biography is grouped at 92, with the first two letters of the person’s last name, e.g., 92 We for Wesley.
Internet Access
The collection may be searched online at (control/click this link).  Select “Your Library” to go directly to the catalog, or enter search terms (for example Wesley) in the box  labeled  “Search northbethesdaumc’s books.”  IMPORTANT!  When the catalog appears, click on the words use it in the phrase “northbethesdaumc has a suggested style for viewing this library (use it)”.   This will put Dewey Decimal call numbers in the first column.  Click on the word Dewey to arrange in shelf number order so you can browse the virtual shelves.  You may also search for an author, title, or subject (also called a tag) using the search box which says “Search this library” (below the brown border).  
Checking out Books
Except for the books designated as reference, materials may be borrowed by church members. To check out a book, remove the card from the book pocket at the back of the book, sign and date it (including year), and place it in the charge-out box on top of the catalog in each library.  We request your cooperation in keeping track of the items you borrow and returning them in a timely manner.  Occasional reminders will be sent so that the committee is better able to account for borrowed library items.
We welcome donations of appropriate and gently used books (no broken bindings; no high lighting, underlining or writing, etc.). An exception might be made if an item is of great historical interest.
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