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A Word From Our Pastor:

Welcome to North Bethesda Church.  Searching for a church home can be a real challenge. The website can give you some ideas of what the congregation might be like, the pictures are helpful, you might be able to see someone you could identify with. We are here to help you in your spiritual journey. We will provide you with people who are very open and welcoming and are genuine and real people. We will provide a variety of ministry and service opportunities to help others as a part of our ministry as a congregation. We will provide you with place to grow in your faith through Sunday School classes and week day Bible Studies. We intend to help you get connected to God in our worship, which features a variety of music, drama, and opportunities to pray and be prayed for.
Twila Paris, sang a song about True North many years ago. The song is about finding that we have wandered off from our original path and are looking for ways to get reconnected. One of the points she makes is that God loves us and provides a North Star type of resource for us to do that. We at North Bethesda are thinking like the True North and the points of a compass that can help us get back on track. We are looking at W,N,E,S as each indicate a resource that can help us renew our spiritual life.
W stands for Worship God. When we gather together and recognize the beauty of our created world it helps us focus on God. Worship will help us put God back into the right perspective to help make our lives more meaningful. Jesus encourages us to Love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We will help you with many opportunities to do this.
N stands for Nourish our Souls. We can recover the value and purpose in life when we engage our souls in meaningful prayer, study, reflection and other practices of spiritual formation. We offer classes on Sunday morning and during the week. We offer books and wisdom to help you explore how to nurture and nourish your soul.
E stands for Embrace your Neighbor. We believe that people need one another and we are a welcoming congregation, no matter where you are in your life experience. Jesus invited us to love each other as he has loved us. This is an awesome kind of love and we open ourselves to love as best we can in that same fashion.
S stands for Share & Serve. Making a difference in the world we live in, blessing others because we have been blessed takes many forms, we invite you to explore how we give back. We can share our financial resources, so that lives can be changed. We can share our time, helping others feel God’s love. We can share our skills and experiences. We can serve those who are less fortunate with our connection to Bethesda Help and many missions opportunities here at North Bethesda.
I’m focusing on helping people grow in faith, deepening their spiritual lives. Providing guidance on the journey of faith. Come and join us for this great adventure.


Rev. Kara Scroggins

 Pastor Kara, began her ministry at North Bethesda on July 1 of 2021. Come join us on the journey to a deeper faith. 
THOMPSON-MEL-23Linda Thompson
Minister of Visitation
Linda is a long-time member of NBUMC who joined the staff as the Minister of Visitation in 2006. She works with the pastor connecting to our congregation by visiting the sick, coordinating a card and shawl ministry, and working with our seniors, both in nursing homes and those who still attend services frequently. 
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ASHUR-TONY-8Tony Ashur
Director of Music
Tony joined the NBUMC staff as the Director of Music Ministries in August of 2006. Tony uses both the organ and piano as he leads our congregation in various styles of music. He directs an adult and a children’s choir that enhance our worship experience with their gifts of music. 
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christineChris Lee
Office Manager

Chris joined NBUMC’s staff in July 2014, and is our Office Manager.  She also acts as our financial secretary and webmaster, and is probably the first person you’ll speak to if you call or visit the church during the week.
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Renee S. Newman

Coordinator of Christian Education

Starting in September 2017, Renee is the newest member of our staff. This position is vital to nurturing the spiritual development of our children here at NBUMC. As a retired educator of the Montgomery County School system, Renee brings a wealth of experience working with children and young adults. She has many gifts and artistic talents that she is sharing with the children.

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